Enhatch and Salesforce

Sometimes we are asked whether we compete with Salesforce.  The answer is an emphatic no and the same goes for any other Web SaaS or on premise CRM product.  Rather we compliment what Salesforce and others provide and complete the engagement picture for CRM.

Historically CRM has been something that is used internally by organizations to store and manage customer information.  It was the central database that other products and channels connected to and by which reports and analytics were generated from.  They are “manage the business” type of systems, much in the same way financial systems and HRIS have become business operations platforms.

What CRM has lacked though is the engagement layer.  Full-featured CRM platforms are complex systems and equally complex to use.  They are geared towards heavy data input applications such as customer service or inside sales operations or segmentation and campaign planning.  They provide numerous capabilities for management to capture, measure, and analyze business metrics.  When it comes to encouraging active usage, aligning different organizations like sales & marketing, or directly engaging with customers and other parties external to the organization, they often fall short.

That is where Enhatch fits in the broader CRM landscape.  We provide that engagement layer, give companies tools that increase sales effectiveness, improve marketing ROI, and bring companies closer to customers through mobile technologies.  But what does this mean practically for a company that uses Salesforce and wants to understand where Enhatch fits in?

When we think about how we work together with Salesforce, we describe our value as follows:

  • Superior User Experiences - Mobile devices may limit screen real estate, but it also frees us to simplify the interface and leverage the power of the devices.  Enhatch was built with a mobile first mindset, so we are well adept at incorporating the features of the device to make work easier and enhance user productivity.
  • Focus on Field Sales & Marketing Teams - Many CRM applications were built with call centers in mind and oriented to a desktop experience.  That is not how people in the field work however.  We are focused on making the lives of sales and marketing people in the field easier and reducing the administrative burden of using CRM, using the native capabilities of mobile devices.
  • Agile Design and Deployment - Time to market is often critical so we built our platform for marketing and sales people to use. Unlike typical CRM suites, building and configuring apps requires no coding or technical expertise.  A sales person could literally build and deploy a full featured and functional mobile application in a day.
  • Engaging the Customer and Partner Ecosystem - Most CRM products are internally facing.  We however allow companies to create and deploy mobile apps targeted to customers, distributor networks, partners, and whoever else is outside the organization.  We also can track usage at a detailed level, so we can give sales & marketing a clear picture of how their efforts are succeeding.

The reality is that to make CRM work, companies need to use many different products to piece together that complete view of the customer and to enhance customer engagement.  There are plenty of products provide a lot of broad functionality, but they will never have everything or have the best functionality for a specific set of needs.  Our focus at Enhatch therefore is not to become yet another all-encompassing CRM database or infrastructure.  Rather, we see our mission as giving sales & marketing teams a platform to create their own mobile experiences that fit their needs and help them become more effective.

To that end, expect to see our latest version of Enhatch on Saleforce’s App Exchange in the coming weeks.  Finally there will be that “CRM tool” that salespeople will actually want to use, but with the benefit that it still ties into Salesforce behind the scenes.